Specific features and similarities between the German-speaking space and the Balkan one

[Interdisciplinary scientific research project]

Prof.univ.dr. Ardian Kyçyku

The main objective of the project ‘Specific features and similarities between the German-speaking space and the Balkan one’ is the distinction of different cultural and civilization realities often deformed by different psychoses that have dominated the European society. The relations between the German world and the Balkan one are ancient, solid and prolific. They require a better knowledge / understanding for both sides especially now, when the issue of preserving or reconfiguring the European identity becomes extremely delicate and insecure, perhaps also because the solutions are subject to visions that, in reality, treat written culture as a museum object, not an alive an essential on the long run one. ‘In the current era – that can also be called the era of the multilateral war of the hormone against the neuron and the body against the book – written culture, primarily literature, seems to have lost the purpose and power to choose and protect essences that deserve not to be forgotten, which teaches the human being how not to get out of their own system of signs. Freedom of expression, based on human rights, extends to the surface and loses its depth, ruining the quality of life, or at least by keeping it within the limits of survival and biological well-being.’* The process of becoming superficial (“superficialisation”), imposed by the search at all costs for material comfort to the detriment of culture and, implicitly, of the quality of life, expands illiteracy / lack of culture and illiteracy / lack of culture gradually imposes the uniformity of the human species. From this point of view, this work is also an approach to counteract the ignorance and spiritual illiteracy, especially in the conditions in which the studies dedicated to this subject are either too “academic”, of niche, or too simplistic, touristic, and do not help neither writers nor teachers, cultural diplomas or readers with pretensions of authentic intellectuals.

The work aims to reveal the communions and specific elements of the German-speaking and Balkan spaces under the prism of written culture. Interdisciplinary in its essence and structure, the work uses verifiable scientific information and elements from: literature, comparatism, imagology, intercultural communication, aesthetics, sociology, mysticism, theology, anthropology, theatre, folklore, cinematography, discussing perennial topics in European life (open to scientific debate) based on fundamental works created in the two studied spaces, such as: modus vivendi and modus moriendi, popular creation / folk art, body-soul and creature-Creator relationship, the role of exile and national minorities, multiculturalism, literary styles, literature in the global era, mysticism, the complex East-West relationship, the impact of the studied phenomena on mentality and life, cultural and civilization exchanges, etc.